Fuming Anger

There is so much on my mind right now and so much I would like to say.

My dad put an alternator in my fiance’s car and it never worked to begin with. The guy that ordered the alternator is, in my opinion, an idiot and a jerk. He screws people over, including my fiance, who works for him and lives in his basement. I recently posted on Facebook about the alternator never working and the guy who did the ordering messaged me saying that I “f*** Will (my fiance) up” and called me a “dumb f***ing c***” as well as a “worthless succubus.” How is any of this true when I was the one who took Will to the job fair, helped him fill out applications, gave him ideas on where to apply to, and drove him to QPS where he got a job? He’s the one that doesn’t pay Will what he said he would, which isn’t even minumum wage. And since Will only works for him 2-3 days a wekk, he isn’t getting much. The first day he works is for 9 hours and the money he earned pays for his weekly rent. The other 1-2 days he works 4-5 hours (or less), so he only gets about $25 or something a day. They guy makes him do things around the hopuse like raking, mowing, etc. for the rest of the weekly rent. The guys also keeps track of how much money Will has and Will takes out a little bit of money when he needs to but the guys takes out extra. What I mean is that, I’ll say that for example, the guys says Will has $50, but if Will takes out $20, he doesn’t have the $30 he should have left, but less than that. Another thing that bothers me is how greedy the guy is. He will order stuff for people and charges an extra 20%. So if the cost is $100, they’re paying the guy¬†$120. He somtimes will sell things for people too but he demands 20% of the profit.I once asked if he could sell something for me but decided against it because I was selling the item for $2,800, so he would have been getting quite a chunk of money. I hate that Will lives in his basement. It’s one very small room and the only time Will eats is if he goes to his mom’s house or mine because he doesn’t have a fridge, stove, etc. He pays the guy $200/month and I don’t think it’s worth it. Also, this is how dumb the guy is…he owns a video/game rental store and he has kicked people out for mentioning Walmart, just because he hates Walmart. Another thing, he’s talked to Will, who is as I mentioned before, my fiance, about how crazy, etc. I am. There are so many things about this guy that just makes me want to punch him. Wel,, I’m going to stop now because it’s actually getting hard to type because I’m physically twitching badly from built up anger. I’ll post again another time.