Freebiejeebies referral-please give advice

I have recently joined a site called freebiejeebies. I have completed the offer, but it doesn’t show that it’s been completed yet. I don’t know if that’s because it takes longer for the offer I completed, or what. My next step is getting referrals, which I can apparently do right away even though it doesn’t show that I’ve completed an offer. I have no clue how to do that since there is no one that I know who is willing to do it. I’ve read about hacks, but I think that is stupid because you can get computer viruses and be banned from the freebiejeebies site. So I think my only other option is blogging about it to see if anyone has any ideas. I already know that flyers won’t work because I live in a small community and I don’t really ever get out of the house, anyway. So if anyone has any advice on how I can get referrals, please let me know. Thanks.